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The PVS14 is a multifunctional night vision system that can be hand-held as a monocular; head-mounted or helmet-mounted as a single-eye goggle; or weapon-mounted as a night scope. The PVS14 is compatible with most PVS-7 accessories including: the soft head mount straps and helmet mount fixture, 3x lens adapters, batteries, magnetic compass and more. The lightweight of the PVS 14 night vision system makes it easy to use in extended operations. The monocular style allows the user to maintain night eye adaption in one eye while using the night vision device with the other eye. Additionally, using a single eye device is more natural in a depth perception scenario. Comfort and multi function usability are the main reasons that the PVS14 is becoming the prefered night vision device for US Military ground forces. Specifications On-axis resolution at optimum light level 1.3 cycles/milliradian System Magnification 1 X +0.03 System Distortion Less than 3% Range focus 25 cm to infinity Diopter focus +2 to –6 diopters Exit pupil and eye relief 14 mm on axis exit pupil at 25 mm Field of view 40 +2 degrees Operating Temperature –51oC to +49oC Storage Temperature –51oC to +85oC Weight (monocular with head/helmet mount adapter) 392 grams maximum Size 4 1/2"(L) X 2"(W) X 2 1/4"(H) Operation Variable manual gain control and 1 AA battery operation.

*This item is controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and cannot be exported outside the United States without a valid export license from the U.S. Department of State.

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