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Luna Optic LN-ELIR-3

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Product Details

Class 1 Laser/illuminator

Compact and lightweight yet it is the most powerful IR laser illuminator currently available.

Nine-power level adjustment wheel allows the user to fine-tune the beam's intensity to perfectly augment the outside ambient light conditions and to preserve some of the battery's life. The beam can be narrowed to increase the viewing distance, or widened to illuminate up the entire field of view (depending on the viewing distance). The beam can also be adjusted along the X and Y axis to position it precisely in the center of the view of your night vision device. Also has a push button tail cap.

Power Output:

Wavelength: 775nm-795nm
Beam Diameter: Adjustable
Laser Classification: Class 1, IAW TB-MED 524
Weight: 2.6 oz
Size (inches) 4.5"x0.9"x1.2"
Mount: Weaver / Picatinny rail
Viewing Degree: .1-5 Deg
Adjustable Intensity: Yes
Eye Safe: Yes
Power: 1x3V Lithium CR123
Run Time: 7 Hrs
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