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Night Vision Clip-on systems

Clip-on night vision systems are designed to be installed forward of the day optic on a rifle. Used with magnified daytime optics (1.5x to 8x, 10x or 20x) the operator now has a platform that can be quickly switched between day and night without reconfiguring the weapon. Clip-ons are popular for hunters and Law Enforcement for several reasons:

  • Fast day-to night operation
  • Rifle/day optic remains unchanged
  • No boresight requirement from day to night- the user does not have to adjust windage or elevation on the day optic when using a clip-on.
  • Can be used on multiple weapons vs. dedicated night vision weapon sights mounted on a single rifle
  • Can typically be used at variable optic power- at higher power magnification than most other night vision devices

Clip-on systems represent the latest evolution in weapon mounted night vision and is the preferred device for our military's snipers and dedicated marksmen.