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X320 Thermal Eye Ruggedized Ultra Compact Thermal Imager

Great for structure profiles, crime scene investigation, routine patrols, search & rescue, disturbed surfaces, covert surveillance, fugitive pursuit, officer safety, and many other real-world applications.


  • Greater scene detail with VGA 320x240 resolution
  • Video port available for simultaneous recording - Cable provided
  • Covert operation with fully dimmable micro display and built in shroud
  • Stows easily into pocket for quick extraction and agile operation in the field and on the run
  • Customize camera features with provided GUI interface software


  • 30Hz detector offers fast turn on time and real time video image
  • 9Hz model available
  • 50% greater range: Detect human activity from up to 735 meters away
  • 2X zoom as default on button press. Polarity option available via GUI
  • Temperature measurement on/off available via GUI
  • Rugged design with integral rubber eye cup can survive accidental drops and submersion to 1 meter
  • Pocket-sized, weighing only 13 ounces
  • Uses only two (2) user-replaceable AA lithium or alkaline batteries


  • White hot, black hot, color set points selection via GUI s/w
  • On-screen battery level indicator
  • Left or right-hand operation with rugged slip resistant grip
  • 1/4-20 tripod mount
  • Tactile battery loading feature for stealth nighttime operation
  • External power input and video output jacks
  • Long eye-relief viewfinder for use with glasses, face shield, masks, etc.
  • Push button control, features selectable via provided GUI s/w

Preliminary Technical Specifications: