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Q. Where do I ship my gun to be engraved? What needs to go in the box besides the part to be engraved?

A. Please include the invoice from your online order that includes the information to be engraved. If you have made a purchase over the phone, please write down the information to be engraved exactly as you want it. We are a custom shop, and the more information you can give us about your engraving, the more accurate we can be. Please be sure to double check the spelling and information you put on the form. We will engrave exactly what you have written down. Our shipping address is:

2007 Industrial Blvd., Ste. B

Rockwall, TX 75087

Q. 'Why does the shopping cart hang when I try to finish my purchase', or 'Why does the cart hang when I try to select a state from the drop down menu?', or 'Why does the cart hang when I try to confirm my purchase?'

A. You must create an account and be logged into your account before you can continue entering information in the shopping cart or complete your purchase.

Q: What is the BATFE engraving requirements for SBR, SBS and AOW?

A: The BATFE requires all SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs to be engraved with the manufacturers name, city, and state. The engraving need to be at least .062 tall and .003 deep.

Q: Does my receiver need to be shipped through an FFL?

A: Engraving is considered a repair. Repaired items do not need to be shipped through an FFL. They can be shipped directly to Ident Marking and we can send your receiver directly back to you. If a receiver comes from an FFL then it will have to be shipped back to an FFL.

Q: Will Ident Marking re-finish the engraving?

A: We will touch up the engraved area with a blacken agent that will re-oxidize the aluminum at no extra charge.

Q: How do I ship my receiver to Ident for engraving?

A: Repair items do not need to be shipped through an FFL. Engraving is considered a repair. You can use any of the major US carriers UPS, Fedex, or USPS. It has to be shipped with Adult Signature Required. Also include a copy of your Drivers License and your instructions.

Q: What file format do you need for engraving?

A: Our equipment uses vector file formats, but we can create a vector format from just about any image type file.