Laser Services, Mechanical Services, Electro-Optical Systems

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Laser Marking

Ident Marking Services was established in 2007 with the goal of providing electro-optical services and products to our customers. Our backgrounds revolved around the aviation and military worlds, drawing experience from years of projects, equipment and weapon systems that required exacting precision and attention to detail. Over the years, we have used these backgrounds to...

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Firearm Manufacturing and Engraving

SBR & Logo Engraving

Ident Marking is proud to be one of the largest firearm engravers in the country. Our services range from BATFE required short-barreled rifle markings, manufacturer markings, custom logos and other customization of your firearm. We use the same laser systems as major firearm manufacturers, ensuring that our marking meets, and regularly exceeds, the federal requirements....

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Night Vision

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging: Defeating the dark.

For the last 50 years night vision technology has constantly improved in order to give the warfighter an edge over his adversary in darkness. Today, this science has evolved into two primary types: Image Intensified (I2) night vision and Thermal Imaging devices. Both of these technologies have evolved several generations of improvement and current production...

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