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Thermal imaging

W1000f 400px


The Raytheon W1000-9 uncooled thermal weapon sight enhances mission performance by helping to spot personnel and equipment at greater ranges, adding a critical margin to survivability and lethality. The W1000 gives the war fighter the ability to shoot equally well both day and night, and is combat proven by U.S. and allied armed forces. The W1000 uses Raytheon's long-wave uncooled infrared technology to sense differences in heat emitted by objects in its field of view. It separates people and other objects from cluttered backgrounds and foliage, in either full daylight or the darkest night – even when there is absolutely no light. Read More...





Great for structure profiles, crime scene investigation, routine patrols, search & rescue, disturbed surfaces, covert surveillance, fugitive pursuit, officer safety, and many other real-world applications.


  • Greater scene detail with VGA 320x240 resolution
  • Video port available for simultaneous recording - Cable provided
  • Covert operation with fully dimmable micro display and built in shroud
  • Stows easily into pocket for quick extraction and agile operation in the field and on the run
  • Customize camera features with provided GUI interface software


  • 30Hz detector offers fast turn on time and real time video image
  • 9Hz model available
  • 50% greater range: Detect human activity from up to 735 meters away
  • 2X zoom as default on button press. Polarity option available via GUI
  • Temperature measurement on/off available via GUI
  • Rugged design with integral rubber eye cup can survive accidental drops and submersion to 1 meter
  • Pocket-sized, weighing only 13 ounces
  • Uses only two (2) user-replaceable AA lithium or alkaline batteries


  • White hot, black hot, color set points selection via GUI s/w
  • On-screen battery level indicator
  • Left or right-hand operation with rugged slip resistant grip
  • 1/4-20 tripod mount
  • Tactile battery loading feature for stealth nighttime operation
  • External power input and video output jacks
  • Long eye-relief viewfinder for use with glasses, face shield, masks, etc.
  • Push button control, features selectable via provided GUI s/w

 Preliminary Technical Specifications: