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We specialize in marking and engraving medical components and surgical instruments. Call us today if you need:

  • Bar Coding
  • Datamatrix coding
  • Serialization
  • Product Identification
  • Logos
  • Name Plates
  • Lot and Date Coding

We have the resources and experience you need. Laser marking and engraving enhances your ability to recognize the right medical components and advertise your business.

Current Applications Include:

  • Medical Components
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Bone Screw Identification
  • Calibrated Markings
  • Mold cavity, core and pin engraving
  • Instrument Panels
  • Sensors and Instrumentation

Ident's services can be performed on flat, curved, cylindrical and unusually shaped elements. If you have any questions about our medical engraving and laser services please feel free to contact us.

Choose a Company with Experience, Choose a Company You Can Trust. Choose Ident!

The medical industry has increasingly embraced laser marking equipment to ensure top precision and reliability when marking medical devices such as hearing aids, implants, surgical instruments, and more with serial numbers, identification codes, and other information. Laser solutions offer several key advantages over traditional marking tools, including improved speed and accuracy – regardless of object size, as well as unmatched quality – regardless of the number of objects to be marked.

Laser equipment is especially useful in ensuring a completely sterile environment when marking medical objects. The unique annealing effect created by laser marking ensures that surface areas remain smooth and unchanged during the marking process, ensuring that germs cannot collect in uneven spots. Laser marking is also resistant to heat, as well as chemicals, further guaranteeing the safety and sterility of marked objects.

Ident offers a wide range of laser solutions to deliver fast, clean, safe, and accurate laser marking for the medical industry.