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SBR & Logo Engraving

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Ident Marking is proud to be one of the largest firearm engravers in the country. Our services range from BATFE required short-barreled rifle markings, manufacturer markings, custom logos and other customization of your firearm. We use the same laser systems as major firearm manufacturers, ensuring that our marking meets, and regularly exceeds, the federal requirements. Two of our lasers were specifically designed around guns, and most engraving can be done without stripping the firearm down to the bare receiver.

Visit our firearm engraving examples page to see some of our work, and always feel free to call or email us about a custom project. While engraving is our career, firearms are also our favorite hobby, so it’s easy for us to understand what our customers want!


SBR Engraving

The ATF requires all short barrel rifles to be engraved with the manufacturer's name, city, and state. Please note that Ident Marking is not an expert on ATF regulations regarding the use of Trusts names. Check out our FAQs for more information.

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Example Gallery

We hold an 07/02 FFL/SOT and can work with any Title I and Title II firearms.

We have built a library of files for hundreds of firearms. Below is a small sample of the engraving we have done for our customers.

  • AR-15 platforms: SBR, Retro markings, logos, barrel markings
  • AK-47 platforms: SBR, authentic fire control marking, fire control detents
  • Ruger 10/22: SBR, logo markings
  • GSG-5: SBR
  • HK platforms: SBR
  • Bolt action rifles: SBR, barrel markings
  • Tube Guns of all types: SBR
  • Remington, Benelli and Mossberg shotguns, SBR, logo markings
  • Form 1 suppressor engravings

We can reproduce your corporate logo, official seal, military insignia, or commemorative theme. Please keep in mind that what you’ll find online is only a small portion of our available services. If you need someone to develop a custom logo for you we have a partner for that as well.

Ident Marking is known for superior quality, quick turnaround, and direct customer service. At Ident Marking you can expect the best.

*As of 1/22/15 we have cleared our backlog and our standard SBR marking lead time is 1-2 weeks, but we do currently have a large amount of orders due to the proposed BATFE/Trust regulation changes. Contact us for more information and lead times on custom logo work. We can also offer expedited services at additional cost.