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UV Laser Wire Marking

Ident Marking Service offers AS50881/MIL 5088L/AC4313 compliant UV laser wire marking for the aviation industry. We have over 14 years of experience with UVLM aircraft wire and have worked projects around the world. UVLM is quickly becoming the most popular method of direct marking wire and cable. As the equipment can be expensive for smaller shops we provide contract marking at extremely reasonable rates. We also assist larger shops and even manufacturers when their production volume rises to the level that their own wire markers can’t keep up.

UV Laser Wire Marking: permanent, safe, non-damaging, UV laser wire marking on extreme non-stick Teflon aerospace wiring and other insulation materials.


  • State of the Art Ultraviolet Laser Marking Technology
  • High contrast marking that is unalterable.
  • Able to mark single-core wires and shielded multi-core cables.
  • Identifications of up to 96 characters are possible with variable spacing.
  • Cable length management from 15 cm to 999 m (6 inches to 3 277 feet).
  • Cable Diameter from standard gauge 6 (6.30 mm) to 26 (0.75 mm).
  • Source and destination coding available.
  • High Legibility Marking
  • Maintains Insulation Integrity
  • Variable Font Sizes and Placement
  • Vertical and horizontal text marking
  • High-resolution marking even on twisted pair wires
  • Complies with SAE AS50881, no need for insulation integrity testing after marking
  • Boeing 5152 compliant.
  • Ultimate mark performance resists hot hydraulic fluid, fuel, abrasion
  • Ability to mark heat shrink material up to ¼” unshrunk diameter.

UV laser wire marking was originally developed to meet the needs of the international aerospace industry for a means of safely applying permanent identity codes to non-stick PTFE/Teflon and similar wire insulations, as well as fiber optics.

Laser marking is a high quality, durable identification method for use with high performance electrical wires and fiber optics used by the aerospace industry. Ident Marking can effectively mark white or colored insulation including XLETFE, PTFE, FEP, ETFE or similar jackets. These jacket materials can generally be marked in all forms including extruded polymers and thin tapes. Laser marking wire provides a high quality, high contrast, permanent, non-contact method for wire and cable with alphanumeric characters for identification.

Laser marking is a reliable, permanent, non-destructive alternative to non-permanent and high-maintenance marking methods such as direct ink or hot stamping. Unlike hot stamping, laser marking does not cause damage or change to the electrical or mechanical properties of the wire and will not wear off due to solvents or friction. It maintains complete insulation integrity and is accepted as a manufacturing process within the international aerospace industry.

Ultra violet (UV) Laser marking is cold process that is accomplished by the absorption of the laser radiation on the surface of the wire insulation. This creates a reaction with the UV-sensitive pigments. This leaves a high contrast mark on white insulation.

Text can be laser marked in various fonts and sizes, either vertically or horizontally, with no masking required. UV laser marking is the specified method of marking wire and cable used in defense and aerospace industries and is specified by many industry leaders such as Boeing and Sikorsky.

Ultra violet (UV) laser wire marking is now well accepted as a manufacturing process within the international aerospace industry. It is currently employed in the initial stages of electrical systems manufacture on virtually all leading edge commercial and military aerospace programs in North America and Europe. We can produce wire kits that are identical or superior to the OEM wiring in general, commercial, and military aircraft.

The UV laser marking process causes no damage and no change to the mechanical or electrical properties of the wire.

In direct contrast, the old hot stamp method, is views as an aggressive and potentially damaging process; as a result it is banned under SAE AS50881 (previously MIL 5088L) and similar specifications.


Above left: Spectrum UV laser marked wire section with mark penetration hardly visible. Mark depth is typically 10 - 20 microns (less than 0.001 inch). The integrity of the wire is unaffected.

Above right: Hot stamp marked wire section illustrates significant deformation and potential for damage to the wire insulation.

To deliver the highest quality possible, we use only state-of-the-art Spectrum Technologies laser marking systems. Contact us for a quote on you marking needs!

Wire Kitting

In addition to wire marking, we also can produce your complete wire kits. We have high speed cut-to-length and stripping equipment. We can mark, cut and strip your entire kit and package it for you, ready to be laid out and formed into a harness.

Contact us for a quote on your specific project.

Panel Fabrication

Instrument panels and placards are designed and manufactured from start to finish using our water jets and laser markers.

We manufacture aircraft panels, panel overlays, and custom placards to customize your panel exactly the way that you want it. All panels are manufactured using aviation quality aluminum and designed to fit exactly into your aircraft with the equipment that you want. Panels are powder coated and silk screened in-house, with the color, lettering, and fonts that you choose.

The panel overlays are made out of durable 1/16" non-glare acrylic, and the custom placards are 1/16" or 1/32" non-glare acrylic, and can be customized with any type of nomenclature that you want. It is all reverse engraved and inked behind the acrylic so the lettering never rubs off or becomes discolored! You can choose whatever color of acrylic and lettering you want!

The panels are precision cut exactly for the instrumentation that you choose, and the end result is a panel that is unique with your N number, your input, and your satisfaction. No more panels cut with jigsaws and hole saws. At Ident Marking, panels are designed using CAD software and machined precisely by a computer controlled CNC machines. Panels are then anodized or painted and laser engraved to complete the panel.

We work with Experimental, General, Commercial, and Military aircraft panels. No more wanting a new panel, and hoping it will look "factory" when it’s delivered. At Ident Marking, it will......GUARANTEED!